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Woodsiders Collective

New Single “Gifted” is released



The Woodsiders Collective is a collaborative jazz band based in Woodside Queens, NYC. The members of the band represent different part of the world. With saxophonist Luis Sigüenza from Ecuador on alto sax, the German trombonist Justus Heher, Andrew McGowan from New Orleans, USA on keys, the Japanese guitarist Yuto Kanazawa and Russian/Belgian drummer Ilya Dynov. The band brings a variety of jazz oriented music written by all the member of the collective.


The Woodsiders Collective recorded an album in April 2021 at the Aggregate Studios in Brooklyn. While the full album will be released in the near future, we have released 5 singles as you can see in this playlist.


The Woodsiders Collective is hosting a monthly concert with jam session at Claret Wine Bar in Sunnyside NY featuring special guests. Every 4th Saturday of the month, 8-11PM.


For booking and other questions, please feel free to contact us using the following form!


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